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Would You Drive Across The Country Without A Road Map or GPS?

Client Centered

An investment planner provides you with a life map that helps you navigate your financial future. Our process looks at your asset allocation, current and future spending needs and your income and assists you in planning for that uncertain future.

At Russell  Wealth Management we bring together our clients with nationally recognized money management companies in addition to:

  • Mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • Taxable
  • Tax-advantaged bond

Our investments process links you to a money management system that is tailored to your financial needs and risk tolerance.

At Russell Wealth Management we believe in giving our clients a complete checkup before we make any investment recommendations. This includes the investment plan, a risk tolerance analysis, a review of your tax returns* and review of your spending needs and income.

Once we determine what asset allocation is best suited for your specific needs, we will provide you with an investment plan.

Advice and Education is The Key to Financial Management

Financial Management is the managerial activity that is concerned with the planning and controlling of a family's financial resources.

Good personal financial management seeks to provide families with a lifetime of income, prevent financial crisis and give the comfort of knowing your heirs will be taken care of with a strong legacy. We feel strong financial management is especially important for retirement planning.

At Russell Wealth Management, we assist our clients with in-depth investment planning; investment allocation, investment management, monitoring of investment performance, annual spending reviews and legacy planning. We look at your entire financial picture to provide our clients with the advice and education striving to ensure your assets last a lifetime.

Contact our dedicated team of professionals today to learn more about our investment planning process and financial management.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.