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Are You Turning The Page on a Significant Chapter- What’s Next?

Client Centered

Whether you are leaving your business to your children or selling outright, the dedicated team of professionals at Russell Wealth Management are here to help. We will utilize our network of attorneys and financial professionals to help you minimize taxes and smoothly complete the successful transition of your lifetime of hard work.

A small business exit plan strategy is key to a successful transition. These exit plans depend on many factors and must be tailored to each organization. The key is to look at the goals of the transition and to lay out a roadmap that ensures the business can go to the next steps. Although no one wants to think about stepping down from a successful organization, there may come a time when you are ready to retire and give up the reins.

Types of Exit Strategies

To devise a successful exit strategy business plan, the entrepreneur should look at the options:

  • Acquisition
  • Merger
  • IPO
  • Shutting down or bankruptcy
  • Transfer of ownership to children

These services are not offered through LPL Financial and Russell Wealth Management. Please consult the appropriate professionals.

Which Exit Strategy Is Best?

Ideally, business exit planning starts before the business opens, but more commonly, it occurs after years of ownership. A successful exit strategy enables the business owner to make a profit, limit taxes and protect a lifetime of hard work.